Opening Times

Hello everyone. We're sure you understand, but the Artico shop won't be open until the Prime Minister says we can open. We're hoping that that will be the 2nd December. Here's to hoping. Stay well. See you online.

We are running a COVID-SAFE schedule at the moment. It means that our shop is open for a shorter time than we would like (around 4-6 hours daily). In the morning we process our online orders which can sometimes make us late. Apologies, but we will keep the opening times updated here (and on Google) as soon as we know.

As today is  , we are open at:  

Our normal opening times are:

Monday 12 noon 4.30 pm
Tuesday 12 noon 4.30 pm
Wednesday 12 noon 4.30 pm
Thursday 10.30 am 4.30 pm
Friday 11 am 5 pm
Saturday 10 am 5.30 pm